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EDI and Electronic Transaction Exchange Services

Sorvive’s EDI and Electronic Exchange services provide comprehensive and state of the art integration services. Our service empowers customers to harness the advantages of true process automation and enterprise-to-enterprise application integration with their trading partners. Sorvive's rich Business Process Management capabilities provide you with a service that is fully capable of satisfying all your transaction exchange requirements. Our top-down, process-centric approach to integration, and the use of BPM allows you to scale from solving the simplest problems to the most complex.


We wanted a solution that could integrate our four different ERP systems; be able to handle different standards, including RosettaNet; and deliver a time-to-value of less than six months. Sorvive was able to do it all on time and within budget. Of all our 2003 IT projects, we are 100% satisfied with this one

- A.K. Bernard, CIO, SABC

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