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Right Fit -

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is an immensely useful standard and process and has become nearly universal over the course of several decades. Traditional EDI, however, no longer meets today’s business or IT needs. There are multiple reasons for this, including an increased need for interoperability, broader business process support and real-time interactions. Among nearly all industries, we have seen increased complexity in IT systems and interoperability requirements across companies needing to exchange information. It is no longer realistic to assume or expect for your suppliers, customer or other partners to adhere to a single standard or business process for information exchange.


Today, companies want to do more than just exchange documents. They want the exchange to be part of a broader business process and fit into key initiatives, such as business process management and service-oriented architecture (SOA). Companies require more sophisticated process workflow, business rules, security policies or compliance management. These lie outside the realm of traditional EDI.


Sorvive presents an agile and comprehensive service solution that allows you to determine how to consume this new generation of advanced EDI solutions and requirements. Sorvive presents a service model capable of providing on-premise or cloud-based services, fully sourced services, or any combination of the two. The benefits of Sorvive solutions include ease of scalability and the ability to start small and grow, limited capital expenditures (no software or hardware to buy), affordable subscription pricing options, and on-demand reliability.

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