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Data management is one of the cornerstones of managing electronic transactions. Managing data between diverse industry standards, application-specific data formats and their meanings can comprise as much as 70% of the ongoing effort and expense of transaction exchange in operation. Essentially, if data management is not effectively engaged at deployment time, it can cost you more to operate an inefficient electronic transaction interface than it did to do it manually.


Our approach to data management is holistic in nature in that it takes on the responsibility to store, manage, and control data in every format that is part of the exchange. This means that a transaction that is received as XML and delivered as standard EDI is stored in both mediums on our internal databases. In some cases, intermediate formats are also captured if “value added” data is applied to the source payload. Storage of data in all formats not only provides the surety of the data but also ensures full audit controls are applied at the transaction level.


Archival, retrieval, and reporting of transaction data is supported with automated tools to provide query capability, reporting, and user level visibility. Transaction archival and retention can be applied at the service level, partner level, and transaction level to ensure that all retained data is fully available based on its requirements. Sorvive utilizes online, near-line, and offline storage methods to ensure all data is retained in accordance with your data management requirements.

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