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Right Stuff -

As a pioneer in Hosted Process Integration Services, Sorvive has acquired years of intellectual property, domain expertise, best practices, and technology innovation required to solve complex problems.


Sorvive's FTE staff and network of expert partners work together to deliver solutions effectively and efficiently. Our staff is comprised of a core of FTE resources that have an average of 10+ years working for Sorvive, a cadre of independent consultants that have done extensive work with Sorvive and used to augment the resource pool as necessary, and an industry partner in OpenText that is used to augment the technical service capabilities of the Sorvive service.


Sorvive is the right size, the right type of expert, and the right choice for all your electronic transaction exchange requirements. Our service meets or exceeds any “like” service in the marketplace and is able to price it at a cost that is far less than available in the open market.

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