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Sorvive has 20 plus years of managing large and diverse deployment projects. Deployment projects where Sorvive can take the lead to manage the entire project from initial contact through post-project monitoring as well as project where Sorvive becomes the technical consultant to manage testing only.

To be able to effectively understand the primary requirements of building an effective partner deployment for electronic transaction exchange you have to go back to the understanding requirements from a traditional business perspective. Traditionally companies sell and invoice for goods and services to clients using several mediums or channels. Most commonly, large companies sell through direct/retail, channel partners, brokers, distributors, and other hybrid mediums (or “all of the above”). Each of these mediums generally operates to its own rule set or standard and is usually coupled with a corporate level rule set that applies to all mediums. In addition to these mediums, many companies often sell direct to “major” customers and develop special sales rules (contracts) for their major customers. In addition to these options, there may also be special rules for “line of business (LOB)” selling. As an example, for a company who sells hardware, software, maintenance, services, and consulting there may be a rule set for each LOB. The business-to-business rule sets exist whether the company participates in electronic transaction exchange or not.

Sorvive’s support for deployments utilizes the primary business requirements for building a top-down deployment model for each project. This means that since we have solutions available to exchange transactions with all partners of the exchange, we offer a comprehensive deployment plan that creates an exchange plan for all partners. Essentially whether an exchange is transacted using the most complex technologies or the least complex technologies (e.g. PDF), all the exchanges are managed through the same service solution. This strategy means that the service; its operation, its effectiveness, and its management all get the same high-quality service regardless of the exchange medium.

Our extensive deployment expertise coupled with high level deployment management tools means that deployments will be supported by experts, provided with effective project management, and accomplished on a predictable timeline.

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