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Sorvive Technologies, Inc. is a privately held Veteran owned Florida corporation, in business since 1997 to provide companies with the ability to exchange and integrate business documents electronically in a cost-effective manner. Sorvive continues to validate its original charter by implementing solutions that reduce B2B, B2G, and B2C costs so dramatically that any business can afford to participate.

Over the life of the company, we have continued to invest in supporting emerging technologies and evolving standards. The use of the internet as the primary medium for EDI and electronic exchange services has provided for a stable and effective platform to eliminate the high cost of using proprietary networks. The use of XML based technologies continues to expand the direct reach of our services to a broad base of our customer’s client base.

For many of our customers, Sorvive’s Business Process Integration services have become a cornerstone of their business. From purchasing, invoicing, supply chain visibility and inventory management, to simple electronic messaging between applications, our customers rely on us to ensure reliable connections between the raw data and the actual use of that data by the various functional areas of the business. We provide a full range of hosted services designed to help you establish, nurture, and maximize the value of your data… quickly, cost-effectively and without requiring any software.

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