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As the trading world continues to expand, Sorvive continues to invest in expanding our global presence to Europe, Asia, and the Americas. The electronic exchange of transactions around the globe is growing and the value of doing business electronically has now become mandatory for most governments. In addition to our support for global customers, our B2G (business to government) footprint continues to expand as government’s take advantage of using electronic transactions. Our support for global and government based requirements means that we are fully prepared to support our customer’s emerging needs.

The expansion of our services to support global requirements has not significantly changed our service architecture except to expand its support for emerging international standards. In many cases, standards like PEPPOL can be deployed to EU countries through simple configuration of existing processing controls. In other cases, where new communications and mapping standards are required, deployments will follow the traditional project plan model.

Adoption rates throughout the globe continue to expand and as this trend continues, Sorvive is well positioned to fill your emerging needs. Our expertise,

in-depth experience, and our architecture makes us one of the most diverse and accomplished providers in the marketplace.

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