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Communications & Security

Sorvive provide (in-house) a variety of connectivity options to enable our customers to quickly and cost-effectively integrate with any number of trading partners while taking into account each partner's importance in the supply chain, format and protocol preferences, and level of technical sophistication. Services include communications and connectivity certification, trading partner management, security and administration.


Sorvive currently supports all major communications methods using our proprietary Falcon Job Engine interface control module. This module provides capability to provide direct connective links to partners using industry standard and proprietary communications. This facility operates at the highest levels of security for connections and has the capability to apply digital signatures at the payload level. Sorvive’s communication facilities are responsible for ensuring full security compliance at the protocol layer as well as the payload level.


Sorvive is certified as a PEPPOL Access Point, certified to use HTTPS TLS 1.2 protocol encryption, secure FTP, and virtually any other type of communications. We operate a secure FTP host, a full-scale RosettaNet host, and our facility is managed by FTE personnel.

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